Car from an alternate future at Scottsdale

1957 Fiat 600 Mirafiori

alternate future carIn an alternate future this is the car of the masses

It’s sort of a cross between the Jetson’s car and a Disney monorail. For some reason I picture hostesses dressed like Jackie O holding the doors open for happy vacationers. Maybe I need my meds adjusted again.

Underneath it’s a 1957 Fiat 600. Hardly a car normally associated with greatness. Of course the first Mustang was just a rebodied Falcon, and that was pretty cool.

The thing that makes this the ultimate alternate future party barge is that glorious fishbowl of a top comes off. Seriously, click on the link. You have to see the pictures.

The car is selling with no reserve but the estimate is 150K to 200K. Seeing how old Fiat prices have been climbing recently I don’t think they’ll be far off.

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Author: Tom
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