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A new kart track!

Me at speedLast weekend I took a trip to K1 Speed in Santa Clara. I was lured there by a two-for-one coupon.

This was my first experience in electric karts. I hate to admit it but I really did miss the engine noise. Not just the whole motorhead mentality but I’m used to matching the engine noise to ┬ámomentum going into corners. The electric motor’s noises were more subtle and will take quite a bit of practice to internalize.

The other thing about the karts is that they were small. I’m only five-eight and have shorter than average legs but I had to bend my knees considerably to keep my feet from pressing the pedals. A couple times I failed and hit both pedals at once which triggers a switch which causes the kart to move at a crawl for several seconds. Not a big deal in a practice session but would be horrible in a race.

Besides all that I had a great time. The track had good traction and had some challenging corners. After the first session I was running about .9 seconds off the lap record. No bad.

The second session did not go so well. The kart had less power than the first and the brakes were terrible. This put me back about a send a lap. To their credit when I pointed out the issues with the kart the track guy he thanked me and said he’d take care of it. So if you go and get kart 16 and the brakes are OK, then he actually did something about it.



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- Author: Tom - Published: January 10, 2012


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