3D Adventures

3d objects

In the beginning of my animation journey I used a program called Alice. It was limited, but serviceable. Then, a new version came out, and it became much less useful.

Then I moved to Blender. Much more powerful, but required a lot of computer to run it. My current laptop just isn’t up to it.

Recently I tried a 2D stick figure animation program. It was cute at first, but the end results weren’t my favorite.

Now I’m trying a completely script-based approach. Much lower strain on the computer, but a steep learning curve. Not just that, but the documentation and tutorials are terrible. They are very light on usable examples, and due to a slew of newer versions, many are out of date.

So I’ve had to develop my own functions. They work, but need work. I’m having a bunch of fun.

I uploaded the first animation from this system. It’s called HAMLET GONE WRONG. I like it.

I still have a lot to learn, and not all the answers come easy, but I’m making progress. Today, I made a spider walk.