250 Words – Saliva’s

Rapid fire guitars split the dark. Explosions and smoke got us to our feet. The stage lights rose and the band appeared. We all cheered and stomped our feet. The music began and it all went wrong. If they had done a sound check someone should be fired. The mix was way off. The lead singers mic didn’t work at all and the backup singer’s drowned out the instruments.

We gave it one song. The band froze wondering what to do. Nobody from the club made any motion to help. They started on their next tune and it was still all wrong. We rushed the stage, beat them to a pulp then smashed their instruments and amps. The bouncers came running but we outnumbered them and they were soon down and out.

Then Billy screamed something about an open bar. Unfortunately those of us still on stage were too far away and the bottles and even the kegs were all gone before we could beat our way over there. The sirens came and everyone ran for the doors. Billy, Joey and I sat down at a table and watched as the people tried to escape and the cops tried to get in.

In the end it’s just us three and about fifty cops left in the club. They asked us questions. We told them what happened, excluding our participation. They told us we could go. Outside the cops had everybody zip-tied. We waved goodbye to another Saturday night at Saliva’s.

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.