1986 Ford RS200 – the best of the Killer B’s

For those of you too young to remember there once roamed the rally courses of the world cars so fast and dangerous they were called the Killer B’s.

Technically they were FIA group B cars, which in reality translated into tiny little cars with insanely powerful engines. No rules, real hard to cheat.

In their defense, it wasn’t all the cars fault. Back then crowd control was out of control. Spectators regularly wandered onto the course to cheer and get close-up pix of their heroes. One wonders how many lives have been saved by the zoom lens.

So back to the cute little Ford shown above. It wasn’t the most successful of the Killer B’s, but is by far my favorite. Basically they took a Ford Escort, made it a two-seater, added four-wheel-drive, put the engine in the back and bolted on a turbocharger, extra spark plugs, etc.

I seem to recall that they had all kinds of problems making this work right, but none of that matters. I mean, look at that thing! Cool.

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Author: Tom
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