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1969 Tatra 603 at Scottsdale auctions


Nothing is as uber cool as a Tatra

I only discovered the glory of the rear-engined Tatras a few years ago thanks to the Dakar rally. I’m a big fan of the big trucks that race across the big wilderness. Those trucks are of weird and exotic manufacturers like Kamaz, Hino and yes, Tatra.

It was in my research into the back story of theses monsters of dunes that I came across the oddly wonderful Czech cars. I’d seen a lot of mid-century rear-engined European cars but they all had tiny engines with few cylinders.  This one had eight. True it was a relatively small eight, but it was an eight.

According to auction listing Tatra’s such as this were the Czech version of the Party Car. Vehicles that were only available to high party officials. All major communist countries had such vehicles. Though a quick review of such cars shows that Tarta was by far the coolest.

This particular example is quite the show pony. It’s won awards all over the country. No estimate is given but if I were the owner I wouldn’t let go for under 100K.

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Tags: - Author: Tom - Published: January 9, 2016


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