1940 CUSTOM BUILT DWARF 4×4 at Scottsdale auctions

dwarf 4x4This dwarf 4×4 exists at the intersection of every automotive venn diagram

It’s so odd and unique in fact that the auction house’s listing is so wonderfully misinformed that you wonder why the car was allowed into the auction at all. (And yes, I know it’s only two-wheel drive, but Dwarf 4×4 is just so much more fun to say.)

Whoever wrote the description is completely unaware of the existence of dwarf car racing. Apparently the internet was unavailable that day.

Overall this is one impressively built machine which attempts to answer the duality of the eternal question, “Why? Why not?” There is no good reason to build this car which is of course why it was built.

The question then is, will it play in Peoria? Will people at a collector car auction have any interest at all in this oddity that is a jack of all trades but master of none?

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Author: Tom
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