15 Minutes Of Geek Fame

computer code

In what seemed like a flash of genius, I built a computer program to help people easily recover their updates following a sync problem with the Publii static site generator.

I built it for myself, but it worked well enough, I published it to github in case anyone else might find it useful. In the first two days it was downloaded 33 times. That might not seem like a lot, but given the scope of the program it’s way more than I expected.

Then I had an idea for an update. I did a little research and discovered that the weak point in the sync operation was removed by Publii in their last update. Which happened before I wrote my program. This makes my workaround program useless.

So, of the 33 people who downloaded my program, only the ones that don’t update to the latest version of Publii will ever need to use it. That’s probably not a lot.

I guess I’m not the next Bill Gates after all.