Tom Week - Jersey Shore

The Goats of Jersey

10/12/23 – New Jersey Wilderness
Who knew that such a thing existed? When I think of New Jersey, I think of endless suburbs and urban blight. As usual, I was wrong.

10/13/23 – Friday The 13th
The food truck visited the RV park today. Hot dog was yummy.

10/14/23 – Masking Research
It’s raining today, so I wound up researching masking. That’s where you pretend you’re doing fine, when you’re not. Turns out I do this a lot. Reading about the process to stop doing it made me cry. Why is getting better so painful?

10/15/23 – Atlantic City Passby
You’d think they’d at least maintain the streets from the Monopoly game. Fortunately, things got nicer as we headed south.

10/16/23 – Why Are You Calling Me?
The last two robocalls I got I answered with “Why are you calling me?” Both of them hung up immediately.

If that doesn’t work, try asking them to return your blue jacket.

10/17/23 – Hate Waiting
Once again waiting to hear from a director on the details of the next shoot. This is the last one for this movie. Back in limbo again.

I watched the first third of Support Your Local Sheriff. I never noticed that it was rated G. It should not have been rated G. 

10/18/23 – The Mini
I picked up a rental car today. It’s a Mini Countryman. A little four door SUV. My first time in a Mini, and my first time driving a car built by BMW. So far, nothing magic.