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Clayman's Inferno - Prologue title screen

Clayman’s Inferno – Prologue

Clayman is about to take the journey of his life, or perhaps death. Join him as he ventures through hell…

solutions unfound

100 Words – Solutions

Smiley wandered the cold town. He couldn’t go home yet. He wasn’t up to Martha giving him the silent treatment….

Dr. Socket - Lust

Dr. Socket – Lust

A new member of the extreme violence support group upsets the balance and libidos of the male members.

abigail hiding

Tom Week – Inauguration Week

1/14/21 – New Rental Car Turned in the Mustang today and picked up a Honda Civic. Being the freak I…

karaoke bar

100 Words – Karaoke

I was a perfectly sane human being until I heard her sing. It was my typical just before closing time…

Dr. Socket talks sloth

Dr. Socket – Sloth

Dr. Socket and the group discuss sloth, good, evil, insurance fraud and pudding. This is part two of the Seven…

a horse

Tom Week – Political Circus

1/7/21 – Sad I’ve been watching the political circus with some detachment lately. Yesterday changed that. It all became very…

gus at home

Gus @ Home

Gus tries to relax at home but gravity and bad jazz get in the way. This is a further exploration…

lone star logo

100 Words – Lone Star Musings

Two Lone Star beers latter I became very concerned with the phrase, The Pursuit Of Happiness. For some reason my…

Clyde's pride

Dr. Socket – Pride Bad

Dr. Socket and the group discuss Clyde’s pride and his relatively small kill count.