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RVing – Ambulance Visit

dog park - no ambulance


Another ambulance visited to RV park. I guess that’s a regular thing here in retirement land. Good long bike ride today. Dinner from Boston Market. MMMM, tatoes!


Still waiting to hear back from the glass people about fixing the windshield. We’re staying in the current park but we have to switch spots tomorrow.


We were supposed to move to another space today but they called and said the other people had canceled so we get to stay put. The new windshield will be here in 4 to 6 days.


Meeting neighbors. Watching RVs come and go. Walking the dog. Life in motorhome suburbia.


Temps in the upper 70’s. So nice.


Pat and I both realized that we are feeling restless because we’ve been staying at parks too long. Time to start moving again.

High Temp, 80 degrees, love Florida in January.


Cooled today, but still in the 60’s. Today we talked about buying a car to tow behind the RV. The rental car fees are adding up.


bear crossing

These signs are common here but apparently the bears are not.

betty boop

Just a couple panels of the miles of painted fences along the bike trail.

Jerry Garcia

Jerry and Sophia watch from their wooden moments in time.


Caught in the act. After my protein bars again.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 14, 2019

100 Words – Fake Real Phone

fake phone

There once was a man named Yewboudar. He was a doctor who one day found that his entire life exposed on the internet. Everything down to the VIN on his Mercedes was posted for everyone to see. He tried going off the grid but found that impossible while still living in modern society.

So he developed a plan. There was no real law against lying online. He created an entirely fictitious persona that he used for all “untrusted” sites. That’s how I came to know him and his situation.

He invented a fake phone number. It was my phone number.

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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 13, 2019

Tom Week – Logical Thought

no logical thought

Watched football today. A great way to entirely shut down all logical thought.

Here in Orlando we have many explosions. As midnight approaches I don’t expect relief. Fireworks are illegal here but the police don’t enforce it on New Year’s eve in order to discourage people from shooting guns into the air.

Great bike ride today. I did 13.4 miles. I rode a little slower than usual and stopped to take several pictures. Including one of an alligator. It was a cute little thing, sunning it self on a rock.

Moving on tomorrow. Been sitting still too long.

It hit 662 followers today. Hopefully I can get a screenshot when I hit 666.

Up to 665. So close.

Missed it! 670 followers this morning.

Six more followers today. Now 676. That’s 28 new followers in two days. That’s great, but I’m now following so many people that I can’t read all these great writers posts every day.

Today on my bike ride I passed a cemetery where a cat laid looking at a tombstone. I stopped and took a picture. It wanted me to go away, so I did.

Phantom stress keeps jumping me at bedtime. No matter how happy I start to become there is always some problem waiting to mess me up. I will beat this. I will be happy.

Twenty mile bike ride today. Wonderful trail, probably used to be train tracks. Nice gentle hills. The best part was that along a large part of the trail were wooden fences covered with pictures.

I’m sick. It sucks.

I promise, I won’t mention this again, at least for a while, I hit 700 followers on Twitter.

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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 10, 2019

RVing – The Crack Grows

window crack


Last night the RV’s toilet turned on us. Thankfully the internet was full of ideas and after a few of them we got it functioning well enough. Today I bought a snake and that seems to have cleared it up.

The window crack is growing.


Today we drove to Sanford FL. Fortunately the window crack didn’t get any bigger during the ride. We’re just three miles from the repair place, so we should be all set.


Laundry day. Had to go out to a laundromat because the park only has four little washing machines. Got to talk to three guys who hang out outside the laundry every Friday night to try to meet all the hot women doing laundry. They’ve been doing it for nearly a year without success.


So it turns out that Sanford FL is site of a famous murder. Tourism is fun. Took Abigail to the dog park. She was very happy and met many dogs. We also drove by the very big lake. Very pretty. The hot humid weather is gone.


Avoid the Stake N’ Shake in Sanford FL at all cost. I spent over 30 minutes in the drive through and they still got more wrong than right.


We went today to arrange to get the windshield fixed. The woman at the RV dealer looked at us like we were crazy. Turns out we have to call the insurance company first and let them handle all the details. Having never had a broken windshield before, how would we know this? We learn.



An angry cat guarding a grave

fire truck

Bad day for the neighbors

Sandy squirrel footprints. Protein bars still safe.


A wonderfully friendly campground

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 7, 2019

100 Words – Sacred

sacred bar

I return once again to the sacred wooden altar of drink. The officiant blesses me with the usual sacrament. An industrial beer and no-name tequila are my communion. The blood and bile of Christ.

On the juke box Patti Smith sings the holiest of the holy punk prayers. Around me the other pilgrims are lost in their own meditations. Weary wanderers like me.

After three rounds of communion I am feeling the spirit move within me. The beautiful woman next to me is speaking in tongues. I arrive at the angelic spot between sobriety and unconsciousness. Still, epiphany eludes me.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 5, 2019

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