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Tom Week – Fortuna to Coos

Abigail in Fortuna

8/7/20 – Fortuna

“Oh, Fortuna, blind, heedless goddess, I am strapped to your wheel…”

“I’m not a fatalist, but if I was, what could I do about it?”

We are in Fortuna California, where fate comes to feel the ocean breeze. This weekend there is a heatwave hitting northern California, 100+ in many places, so we fled to the sea. Much cooler here.

We were in this park for one night many years ago. It was the first night that our dog Emily had a doggie-demntia episode. She was up all night insisting she had to go outside. Then when outside she would just walk in circles staring off into space. It was a rough night.

8/8/20 – Lazy Days

No ambition today, though I did eventually get some work done on a couple animations. According to an astrology-aware friend, this a day of energy shifts. I think she’s right.

I’m currently watching the third Jason Bourne movie for the 17th time. It makes me want to reread the books, which have almost nothing to do with the movies, but I like both. Not to mention getting to hear Moby at the end.

8/9/20 – Xaa-wan’-k’wvt Village

No, I’m not having a seizure, that is how it’s spelled on the sign. We’re five miles south of Oregon. There is a gentle breeze off the ocean and the beginnings of a wonderful sunset. This is the kind of park you have to take a chance on. It doesn’t always work out, but mostly it does.

8/10/20 – To Oregon and Back

I rode my bike Oregon today. Yeah, it was only 5 miles, but I did it. Some days Oregon lives up to it’s reputation. The first thing you see as you cross the border is a giant billboard that says, “WEED.”

There are people here to photograph the sunset. Only problem is that the fog is so thick you can see neither the river nor the ocean. They just gave up and are leaving.

8/11/20 – Back at the Mill

We are at the Mill Casino RV park in Coos Bay, OR. We first came here on our first trip to Oregon. We keep coming back because I love saying, “Coos Bay.”

8/12/20 – Unwell

Random illness today. At least I hope it’s just today. No bike ride. Lots of napping.


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100 Words – The Box

A close-up of a rusty metal knob on a green strongbox

Among the rubble of the demolished building was a safe. Inside the safe was a large sealed box. I don’t mean locked, or chained or anything weak like that. I mean sealed. Welded all the way around. No one could get in, and as some suggested, nothing could get out.

The demolition workers were not impressed. “Just another time capsule.” Though none could explain the welds. Curiosity got the best of them and they cut it open. It was empty, except for the smell of bitter perfume. The workers had weird dreams that night. They all quit the next day.

#100words #box #bitterperfume

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Tom Week – Bike Work

bike gears

7/30/20 – Bike Work Day

I changed the gears on my bike and now it’s much easier to ride. I’m impressed with myself. I’ve never done this before. The tricky part was changing the shifter from 2 speed to 3 speed.

I also tracked down the annoying clicking/popping sound. Several of the front spokes were loose. Whoever put the wheels together was in a rush.

7/31/20 – Tired Legs and Such

I went for a bike ride today, but my legs hadn’t fully recovered from my long ride the other day, so I had cut it short. The bike is working much better with the new gears. Still a few teething adjustments to make.

8/1/20 – August is upon us

Time flies when you’re sitting still.

Today I seem to have fixed our hydraulic levelers. All they needed was a quart of transmission fluid. One quart after five years isn’t so bad.

8/2/20 – On The Level

I had to add a quart of transmission fluid to the hydraulic levelers. They seem to be holding better now. It’s only been 5 years. That adds up to nearly a dollar a year in maintenance costs. The horror.

8/3/20 – Tonya Infusion

In a weird reversal we had to drive from Gilroy to San Francisco for Tonya to get the first of her annual infusions for her osteoporosis. She’s tired, but no side-effects so far.

8/4/20 – Side Effects

Tonya has a fever and has been in bed all day. She had a big spike in blood sugar, but is doing better now.

Road the bike today for 10 miles. Averaged 10.2 MPH. Best so far on The Nazz.

8/5/20 – Petaluma Land

It’s weird driving to San Francisco and not stopping. Though it’s nice that we are no longer stuck here. We’re spending two days in Petaluma. A very nice camp. I’ll get some pictures of the petting zoo tomorrow.

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Hey Bob – Bunny Bugs

Hey Bob

Bob’s simulation has some unexpected consequences.

#heybob #bunnybugs

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100 Words – Potvalor

shallow focus photo of brown glass bottle

She fed him sausages and homemade beer. Both were strong. Soon they were both full and drunk. Potvalor, her mother used to call it. The courage of the drunk.

They pounced on each other, just as she had planned. Their comfort with each other finally overcome by the passion they both secretly held. As they rolled on the couch, random bits of clothing became dislodged. She was in heaven.

Then they both got the beer farts. They tried their best to carry on, but the embarrassment and the smell destroyed the mood. They fell asleep giggling in each other’s arms.

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