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tourists standing on ground

100 Words – Artists Revolt

On the day that the artists revolted I sat on the front porch to witness the craziness. Decades of being…

Horse in Billings

Tom Week – Billings to Buffalo

9/17/20 – Last Day in Billings I need a bike ride. My muscles are complaining. However, the smoke here in…



Waiting. Drinking alone in a crowded bar. The stuff the mind comes up with.


100 Words – Sword

She sat silently in the dark, admitting defeat and plotting her revenge. She vowed that his cult of charisma would…

Butte scenery

Tom Week – Butte to Billings

9/9/20 – It’s a Butte I make that joke every time we come here. Butte is a weird town built…

Lorry's Car

Hey Bob – Lorry’s Car

Bob and Lorry fall victim to endless consumerism. I am forced to practice some tough love.  

pld drunk orphans

100 Words – The Family Orphan

Smiley always thought of himself as an orphan. He had parents, and many brothers and sisters, but he never felt…

boonie rapids

Tom Week – The Boonies

8/27/20 – Cascading To Ellensburg Today we drove through the Cascade Mountain Range to Ellensburg Washington. (Get it? Cascading! Boonies…

Dream Scream - Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Dream Scream

Ax Bunny has a disturbing dream, in more way than one.

two puppy sitting on brown board

100 Words – Trash Heap Angel

She was the angel of the trash heap. Fallen and halo-less. Trying to work her way back into heaven by…