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100 Words – Prompt

prompt old woman

Leroy was addicted to writing prompts. He followed 43 prompt websites and emails. For each prompt he wrote one sentence using the keyword or concept. Then he would spend the rest of the day trying to build a story out of those sentences. For Three hundred and seventy days he failed to develop anything but gibberish.

Then one day it all came together. Like the proverbial room of infinite monkeys, the randomness paid off. The planets aligned as each sentence found it’s place in the story of an old woman discovering the meaning of her life just before she died.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: July 21, 2018

Tom Week – Storage Time

storage lock

Storage Time

Yes, sadly, it is once again storage time for the RV. We are weeks away from completing the new deal with the new buyer. In the morning I will dump the tanks, shut off the fridge and drive 2.7 miles to the new storage yard.

No family trip this year

With everything going on around here I’m not going to make it to the family get together. Sorry folks, too many hassles, not enough time.

Many Random Thoughts

I used to tell jokes about a heavy metal band called Titanium, but nobody ever laughed.

If I’m the cheery one, society is in trouble.

The myth of the rhyme. The glory of the song. The strings weep. The metronome bleeds.

Do you ever fear that the paranoids are out to get you?

If you recognize a bumper sticker as geeky, you’re a geek.

Alcohol does not cure the disease of writing, but it does relieve some of the symptoms.

This place, where I am sitting right now, is where some very good writing will happen.

Never end a sentence with Preparation H.

Some jokes about Detroit are only funny in Detroit.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: July 17, 2018

100 Words – The Cleaner

the cleaner headshot

All hail the cleaner, for he is good. I can’t imagine the mess we’d be in without him. I’ve seen him toss around a carcass bigger than me like it weighed nothing.

I told him once that I wanted to be the cleaner when I grow up. He laughed but didn’t sound like he was kidding when he told me he’d kill me if I tried to take his job.

He knows, and I know, that I’ll never be the cleaner. I’m too small and too dirty. A cleaner’s gotta clean. That’s what my mother always said. She was right.

Photo by JD Hancock

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: July 14, 2018

RVing – Just a weekend

weekend in Novato

Fri Jul 6

We are in the RV for the weekend. Starting now we will be in the RV more than the house. Monday the big truck is coming to drag away half our junk. I expect that by the end of the week they’ll be back for the rest.

Today is not a good day for keys. I was getting ready to go for a bike ride when I found that the keys to the bike lock were not where I should have put them. I looked everywhere without luck. I finally did my meditation and a realized I “probably” put them in my mobile desk at home. If they are not there I will have to buy a new lock and cut off the old. Fortunately I have “tools.”

I took the dogs to the RV park’s dog area. It was two in the afternoon, 90 degrees and the maintenance guy was there and had the sprinklers on. I’m no expert but that seemed wrong. He saw my confusion and yelled, “Yeah, I know. You should never water in the middle of a hot day. The water evaporates before it sinks in, but she says water now, so I water now. Why is grass still brown Miguel? Because we water wrong. She don’t listen.” Poetry.

Sat Jul 7

I love living in a new place. There are dog parks to explore. New restaurants with thousands of fake pink flowers to eat at. UPS trucks, Mormons and more. Where do we go next?

Sun Jul 8

Lat night I met a man who lives in a boat, that sits on a trailer, that’s parked on the road outside the RV park. He said that he’s been parked there for over two months and nobody has said anything. Cool.

We’re going home today and I don’t know when we’ll all be back. I have to come back on Thursday to move from one spot to another. Then it might be going into storage for a while till the sale is closer. Bummer.

Tue Jul 10

I’m sitting in the RV, prepping it to go back into storage. Sad, but we’ll be back. A couple weeks delay while we deal with the new house buyer.

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Tags: ,, | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: July 12, 2018

Tom Week – School Project

school project idea

School Project

By my project plan, on Monday I was nearly a week behind. Now on Wednesday I’ve caught up. I did six days planned work in three days. Everything has been way easier than I thought it would be. The base files the school provided does all the heavy lifting.

Cleaning House

Taking everything out of the house. The cottage and shed are done. Putting stuff on the sidewalk. Turns out that my neighbors LOVE tools. Luggage, not so much.

The Last Open Mic

Went to see a comedy show tonight. It sucked, which is appropriate. This was the last comedy show I will see in San Francisco. It was on Haight Street. The first comedy show I saw in San Francisco was on Haight street. It also sucked.

Friday night in the RV

We are spending the weekend in the RV. Huzzah!

The Sale Fail

So the people who were going to buy the house aren’t going to buy the house. We are talking to the next people in line on Monday.

The Cottage Empties

The big green truck came today and took away most of the junk from the cottage. I love the sight of empty space.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: July 10, 2018


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