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Tom Week – Learning, writing and bad movies
learning and writing

Learning and writing

I just completed a couple of high-end programming courses online. I enjoy programming but it doesn’t have the emotional component for me that writing has. So I’m not starting any new computer courses while I concentrate more on my writing.

Trip to the Vet

Follow-up with TJ’s heart and kidney problems. We’ll get the bloodwork report on Monday. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain and he’s actually eating a little better.

Owning the to-do list

Same days are just better than others. Today I completed more tasks than in the past several days combined. Fixed the loose screw on the front door; Backed-up my computers; Soldered Tonya’s shaky thing. The inner critic I call Manly Man is quite pleased with me.


A movie just as bad as you think it would be. No better, no worse. The title explains it all. Some good one-liners and so many plot holes that they almost take on the role of a character. The vampire motorcycle effect are wondrous. To call them “special effects” would be a gross exaggeration.

The highlight of the movie, in the part of the priest who tries to exercise the vampire from the motorcycle, is Anthony Daniels. Yes, that Anthony Daniels. (If you don’t know who Anthony Daniels is you lose all your geek points.)

Random Thoughts

Today in Golden Gate Park I saw a man with a whip on his hip building a cross made of cardboard tubes.

It is no coincidence that whiskey rhymes with risky.

I’ve come to realize that I am a guilt-based life form.

The Kit Kat bars remain untreated.

My laptop needs more stickers. Somebody send me stickers. Weird ones.

After an evening of soul-scraping all I have produced is an Emo Phillips fan fiction haiku.

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

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The Message – 100 words
message watchtower

Frank stands in the watchtower waiting for the signal from the east. Waiting to relay the signal to the west. The signal hour is almost up. He was sure the message would come today. He was sure the message would come yesterday. Maybe it will come tomorrow.

No news is good news they say. Not knowing is worse thinks Frank. If the news is war then there are things to do. No more sitting around 23 hours a day, waiting. If the news is peace Frank can go home. See his family once again.

Maybe the message will come tomorrow.

Photo by cowbite

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Tom Week – productivity and a rash

Productivity Overdrive

I got so much done today I feel like I’m in productivity overdrive. I rode my bike. I’m taking three online classes. I got a bunch of writing done. Plus a pile of research on home repair stuff.

eBaby Bye Bye

I took the eBaby to Goodwill today. eBaby is the bike I built piece by piece from parts I bought off eBay. It was the hot rod I’ve always wanted to build. While a definite frankenbike, it turned out to be a very light and fast bike. Giving it away was much harder than I thought. It was loosing a child. I actually cried.

Holy Motors

The San Francisco Public Library has connected with a movie site called Kanopy. It has many of the bizarre movies I’ve always wanted to see, plus many I’ve never heard of. I decided to start with an unknown called HOLY MOTORS. A very French surrealist movie about…I’m not quite sure.

The film follows an “actor” through his day of “appointments.” These appointments are real-world scenes played out without camera or audience. The characters he plays range from mundane to bizarre to bestial. He’s ferried to these appointments in a white stretch limo full of costumes and props.

This is one of those movies that you could spend a lifetime trying to understand. However, like learning how a magic trick works, it may be better not to know. The truth behind the fantasy may be nothing more than a sad little man pulling the strings behind a curtain.

The Mystery Rash

I was installing a water heater blanket, with fiberglass insulation, and got covered with an itchy rash. The arms cleared up after a few hours but I have this red blotch on my neck that looks like a cat scratched me. It’s still there a day later. It’s a little less red and itchy but still scary looking.

I looked up rash pictures on Google. Do not do this after eating. I narrowed it down to an allergic reaction inflaming my arteries, or lupus. When I was 25 I would be like, if doesn’t clear up in a week maybe I’ll call the doctor. Now, at 56, I’m like, Oh my God I have lupus!

Fortunately I have no other symptoms of lupus. So I’m going with allergic reaction.

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City Myth – 100 words

Myth of the City

Carl’s heart flows down an empty river. Betrayed by the city he loved. So many promises. So many letdowns. The myth of the big city isn’t an easy belief to lose. Now Carl knows the truth. Standing alone in the middle of millions.

He stands on the corner watching the sun set behind the giant buildings. The workers depart. The day-dwellers who don’t care about Carl, or anyone, are slowly replaced by the ones who wish to do him harm. Carl senses a man watching and waiting for his chance to strike. Carl flees to a cab he can’t afford.

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Tom Week – blood sugar better
blood sugar tester

Riding Strong – Blood Sugar Down

As my blood sugar works its way down, slowly, I’m feeling stronger on the bike. I’m getting multiple personal best times on Strava for every ride. I’ve had more sub 120 readings this week than in the past several months. That’s a good thing. I’m still having occasional random highs, but the average score is down 100 points since two weeks ago.


I’ve now spent an entire week with my weight below 200 pounds. The low so far is 196.2.


  • The sun is trying to shine. The wind is holding its tongue. The road is clear. Time to ride.
  • I just found out that there are 7 different indoor football leagues. Can’t we all just get along?
  • I never thought it could happen but I think I’m Happy Pottered out.
  • If Donald Trump doesn’t stop talking I’ll never finish my “Things I hate about Trump” list.
  • I just learned that milk rainbows are a thing.

Photo by tjmwatson

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