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Tom’s development projects

These are my personal development projects. Mostly things I use on and

As seen on the bike sked page. It is a schedule of bike races and cycling events created using a pile of different program languages and technologies. (PowerShell, PERL, GIT, Node, Javascript, JSON, PHP and C#)
The API is available at:

A tic-tac-toe game written entirely in Javascript, which was then turned into a WordPress plugin for use on this very site.

Blogging theme for WordPress. Based on w3.css. It is fast, responsive and accessible. It is awaiting review by WordPress for inclusion in the theme directory.

WordPress plugin for adding very simple events lists to your site.

Wordpress plugin for sharing posts to Facebook or Twitter. Very low bandwidth.

(For true geeks, the projects above can be found on my GitHub repositories.)
The site you are viewing now. It uses the dog-w-three theme and gets rather good scores on speed and validation sites. All A’s and checkmarks.

development web page test results

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