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The Demon Sandman – 100 words

Stay awake with me the sandman calls. I beg for sleep and he laughs. I try to clear my mind and he fills it with thoughts. Bad thoughts. Cruel thoughts. I can’t believe I thought that thoughts. I try filling my head with harmless thoughts but he twists them into foul parodies of joy.

I turn over to escape his grasp. Resistance is futile.He surrounds me and is within me. The horrors of my imagination are made real. Punching wall snakes. Screaming for release.

Then the sun cracks the sky. The demon retreats into the shadows. Sleep finally comes.

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The Snake – 100 words

John punched the snake.

The snake, confused, as he had never been punched before, hesitated for a second, then bit John in the ankle. The ankle tasted yucky. Dust, sweat and bug spray. The snake recoiled in disgust.

John watched the snake slither away, then examined his ankle. Four little punctures in his skin. He knew it was all over. He could feel the poison creeping into his system. It was a three day walk to civilization. He sat down to die.

Two days later the rangers found him hungry and dehydrated but otherwise healthy. Snakes are not all poisonous.

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Outpost – 100 words

The horizon appeared to be forever away. Eugene trudged on chewing on the last of his protein fudge. Not wanting to swallow. Too final. This was supposed to be a two day walk so he took three days rations. Company policy. It was now day four with no end in sight.

Dusk brought a glimmer of hope. As the sun set a lump appeared on the horizon. Eugene ran as fast as his tired legs could carry him. The lump turned out to be a large rock. Carved in the rock was the message. “Die you stupid asshole. She’s mine.”

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White Trucks – 100 words
white trucks

Will the parade of big white trucks ever cease?

Four or five a day. Rarely a sign on the side and when there is it’s a cheap magnetic one. Each truck carries a single box, unmarked. They unload the box and the pregnant women who lives there opens the garage door for them. They carry or wheel it in and disappear into the shadows. Ten minutes later they return with the flattened cardboard and drive away.

The weird thing is that my dog quietly watches the white trucks come and go. He usually barks at everybody. Can’t figure out why.


Photo by Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos

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Bob’s Coffee – 100 words
coffee cup

Bob stalked the halls, coffee cup in hand, searching for the perfect coffee. HR’s was too bitter. Housekeeping’s too weak. The stuff on the loading dock was battery acid with cinnamon. The geek room had no coffee, just coke and pepsi. The freaks.

Finally Bob wandered into admin’s outer office. They always had the best, but it was almost always gone. The office was unoccupied. The pot wasn’t empty. He quickly poured himself a cup and took a big swig. The cold day-old liquid hit his throat and he spit it back out, all over the latest inspirational cat poster.

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