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Default Ride in the park

Tuesday Sep 18 – cycling – default ride

Elapsed TimeMoving TimeDistanceAverage SpeedMax SpeedElevation Gain

This is my default ride. I have several options to lengthen the ride if my legs and the weather cooperate. I won’t be listing every ride on the site, but will post special rides in the future.

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The lure of the open path

This is where I belong. the open road, the open bike path, the open whatever. Wanderlust keeps calling and it’s getting harder to say no.

bike path

The empty bike path beckons

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Animals From My Travels

One of my favorite things about bike trails are the animals I see along the way. Here are some from my last few trips.

Yakkity Yak

Yakkity Yak

hypoactive sea lions

hypoactive sea lions

vulture in tree

vulture in tree

vulture in flight

vulture in flight

non-conformist sheep Conformist sheep
The goat wasn't too sure about me.

The goat wasn’t too sure about me.

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Bike Ride: Wander to Buena Vista

While visiting the KOA I decided to take Mr. Ed on an adventure. While looking at the map for potential routes I spotted a destination that I could not resist; The Buena Vista Landfill. A garbage dump with an alleged beautiful view? I had to go.


The KOA as seen from the Pacific Coast bike trail

The bulldozer piling garbage at the Buena Vista Landfill
Whiskey Hill

Unfortunately Whiskey Hill had a no trespassing sign. Ah sobriety!

narrow road

The narrowly open road

egg stand

You aren’t really in the country till you pass an egg stand.

Pat on scooter

Pat prepares for a journey of her own

Well the name wasn’t all that appropriate but I did see some sights and was just a few seconds too slow to get a picture of an eagle.

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When is a bike not a bike?

When it looks like a car? As human powered vehicles evolve there will have to be many redefinitions of existing laws.

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