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Who is Tom?

I’m a web programmer. My most current interest is in WordPress/PHP but I’m also learning all the ins, outs and tangents of the nodeverse. Wonderful stuff.

In the mean time I’ve kept up with the latest developments in HTML, CSS.

Over the years I’ve just about every programming language; Javascript, Python, Visual Basic, C#, etc.

The same goes for databases; Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, and most recently several different NoSQL packages.

tom and family

A rare picture of the whole gang

The beginning

I got into computer programming almost by accident. I’d taken a few programming classes early in my college career but never found Fortran or Pascal to be joy-inspiring. In my later college years I took several classes in formal logic and started see potential beyond the dry code.

My first job out of college was at a government access cable channel that used an interactive television system. (My BA is in Broadcasting and Film.) While at the station I started writing programs mostly to analyze and summarize log files using PERL 3.

Then the web came along.

Knowing PERL already and having experience with information architecture the web and I made a perfect match. After working my way up to the salary cap at the University of Iowa I moved to San Francisco to tap into that big Silicon Valley boom money. Really I just needed more of a challenge than posting grant proposals for a living.

Over the years several technologies have come and gone and come back again. Always finding new challenges and opportunities.

On the side

Outside of work I’ve worked as a standup comic, written a couple novels, adopted a bunch of old dogs and ridden several thousand miles on my bicycle. All of this made possible by the wonderful people pictured above.

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