Random Thoughts

I hate it when writers I don’t like give good advice.

Each of my multiple personalities has their own Road ID bracelet.

Pat made me cookies for National Cookie Day. They were yummy.

All my favorite internet radio stations are going dark. I guess goth/punk fusion just isn’t the cash cow everyone expected.

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100 Words – Vegas

Rolling down hills like little kids. Falling off bridges like jilted lovers. Gravity’s angels fulfilling their destinies. Imperfect lives connecting villains and heroes. Knowing which is which is the trick. Smiling faces telling lies. Angry threats speak the truth. Hearts hesitate then yield, at once regretting a choice that was the only option. Daydreaming of gods while trolling for fools. Walking down sidewalks at dusk avoiding the eyes of strangers. Wanting a quiet one, knowing you need a loud one. A flash of silver catches the eye. Loneliness shrieks in recognition then runs away. The night finds you alone again.

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Random Thoughts – 12/5/14

The Mexican goth version of the Easy Bake Oven is called Horno del Diablito.

Colorado is the Vermont of the west.

Never watch ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK on a channel with commercials. It ruins the pacing. Never watch ESCAPE FROM L.A., on any channel, ever.

From where did this craving for pear cider come?

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An afternoon in Pacific Grove

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Tonya and I hit the dunes

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Random Thoughts – Thankgiven Edition

If I had an infinite number of monkeys I’d never be done cleaning up after them.

My ever-growing collection of RV park maps is the envy of few.

Work is the thunder cloud floating through the quiet space I never quite achieve.

Full moon fog dunes, lizard bones picked clean.

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The lure of the open path

This is where I belong. the open road, the open bike path, the open whatever. Wanderlust keeps calling and it’s getting harder to say no.

bike path

The empty bike path beckons

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Random Thoughts

Once upon a time it happened last night, now it’s a long long time ago.

All the people in my support group are assholes.

I’m not lazy. I’m hypoactive.

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Random Thoughts

Where there’s a will, there’s an angry man in a pig hat.

Not so proud of the fact that I know where to obtain “wet specimens.”

My new bike’s name is Irving, from an ancient Scottish name meaning green water.

The popcorn may be gone but the movie goes on.

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Beerfests are complicated

A recent visit to the Tour de Fat bike/beer festival was quite an eye opener. I’m a grown man. I thought I had this buying beer thing pretty much in hand, but I was wrong. Below you will find the step-by-step instructions for buying beer at Tour de Fat.

beer_wristbandStep 1:

Find the tent where they are handing out wrist bands. They are free but you will have to show ID to get one.

beer_tokenStep 2:

Find another tent where they sell beer tokens. These cost $5. You need to show your wrist band.¬† Now I understand Ron White’s routine about beer coupons.


Step 3:

Find yet another tent. Though this one is easier to find because it actually has BEER. Give the nice lady a token and she gives you an  actual real drinkable beer.

Step 4:

Drink your beer. You’ve earned it. Then go back to step 2 as needed.

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