Auction Watch: Custom sports car on eBay


Never beforevhsve I lusted so much for a car. Fortunately it’s beyond my price range and an ocean away.

This is the ultimate country road zip-downer. A car of wonderful build, but no reputation to live up to. I’ve noticed that the drivers of cars like the Lotus 7 always seem like their trying to prove something. Where an unrecognized car like this has nothing to prove and can be driven at whatever pace without losing face.

The opening bid is a rather stiff $9,800 and is in England. Take a look at the listing to read the car’s wonderful history.

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Auction Watch: Riley Elf – eBay


The motor elf. Many people, or maybe just me, consider this the Rolls Royce of mini cars. Under the skin it is a standard Mini, but the fancy grill and cute little trunk make it a car all its own.

Like a trip to the dog pound this poor thing is cute but kind of sad. Seeing it chained to a trailer reminds me of a puppy in a cage. And if your going to try to get the most you can for a car you need to close the hood all the way or leave it all the way open. When you see a hood open just a crack like that it makes you think that something is wrong.

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Random Thoughts – 1/20/15

Just as I was going to celebrate the Christmas ads being gone, the tax prep ads begin.

Just because you follow someone on Twitter does not mean they want you to mail them a banana bread.

They still make rubber stamps. I don’t know why this surprises me.

One of my dogs has been leading a secret life as a sound man in Australia.

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Auction Watch: Bombardier R12 – on eBay


On the road to Annexia. Fans of the film NAKED LUNCH will be familiar with this vehicle. Peter Weller as William Lee drives an orange one of these at the end of the film. This thing is basically the SUV of snowmobiles. Its large cabin has be adapted to a variety of tasks.

The opening bid is 10 thousand Canadian dollars and in the description the seller stated that he wants 25 thousand.

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Auction Watch: Suicide by ice machine – eBay


There was an important step missing in the development of this vehicle. As Laurence Olivier would say, “Is it safe?”

Lets see; A wingless airplane on skis on a frozen lake. Not much could be more exciting, and I’m sure the adreneline rush of seeing the rapidly approaching shore combined with the sudden realization that there are no brakes, was also invigorating. Like a hover craft, the only was to ensure stopping is to do a quick 180 and hope the thrust from the prop stops you in time.

As of right now nobody has jumped on the opening bid of $5000. Any takers?

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Auction Watch: 1937 CORD WESTCHESTER CUSTOM 2 DOOR HARDTOP – Barrett-Jackson


So the general idea behind customizing cars is to take an ordinary car and make it special. So what happens when you start with what many consider one of the most besutiful cars ever built in America? I’m not sure.

It’s a very cool car, but does the customization add value? Well, obviously it did for someone. Someone had a vision and I’m sure they value the car highly. What will be interesting is if other people value it as well.

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Auction Watch: 1960 PININFARINA X SEDAN – Barrett-Jackson


Yes it’s true, the Jetson’s car for you. The cost? Who knows. What is the value of an experimental test bed that never saw production? Fiat-powered, four wheels in a diamond pattern,  Citroenesque styling with American fins tossed in for good measure. Only the artists at Pininfarina could take these disparate elements and mold them into such an oddly pleasing package.

According to the description on the auction site the car runs and drives and has a Florida title. Even though this car is 55 years old it still looks like it’s from the future.

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100 Words – Daze

A sour note blown from a reedless saxophone startles me back to awareness. I don’t know where I am or how I got here. At the end of the block the street signs tell me I’m only a few miles from home. Deep thoughts lulled me into a sleepwalk of sorts. The dogs are having a ball. New places to smell. New trees to mark. For a moment I consider calling for a ride, but figure the explanation would take longer than the walk. The old dogs are tired and take turns being carried. We get home just past midnight.

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Auction Watch: 1967 Opel Kadett | Mecum Auctions

Rarely is such an ordinary car so special. This example of the mighty Kadett wagon is a pre-production test mule containg the protype examples of the “American” parts. While I would expect such vehicles to be museumed or destroyed this one become the property of a relative of the head engineer. The description points out the oddities and the bits and pieces that don’t quite fit.

I have special attention for this car because my wife is a former Kadett owner and wouldn’t mind owning another. The problem is that Opel fans are mostly insane and expect other people to value their little cars well beyond their true value. It will be interesting to see how many Opel fans are among the more mainstream collectors.

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Random Thoughts – 12/31/14

Avoid people who can’t pronounce the word innocent.

Avoid Americans who only eat Canadian mayonnaise.

Sometimes you just have to pick the fat girl at the whore house.

News isn’t interesting unless someone you probably will never meet tells you that is.

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