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Waiting – 100 words

waiting in the rainDreaming of thunder. Wanting for power. Sitting in the corner booth of the corner bar sipping a beer. Waiting for a beautiful young woman to buy me a tequila. So far, no luck.

Drunken philosophers mumble their wisdom into half-empty glasses and half-full bottles. Temporary truths are shared. The secrets of life hang always just one more shot away from understanding.

The beer bottle is empty. The rain pours down the greasy window. The booth is sweating. One more beer? Tequila? What drink will keep me dry as I walk home with a broken umbrella? Yes, just one more beer.

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Headlights – 100 words

headlights on the roadHeadlights in the mirror. Who could it be? Anybody, literally anybody.

Well, anybody with a driver’s license. Or maybe they don’t have a license. Total outlaw scenario. Screw society. Steal a car and hunt down your next victim on the lonely highway. Find some sucker on a lonely late-night journey. Run him off the road. No witnesses. Take his miserable life. Steal his soul and sell it to the highest bidder.

The headlights turn onto a side road. The mirror is empty again. I find myself missing my psychotic road demon. I hope he’s OK.

Next rest area twenty-seven miles.

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100 Words – Smiley Watson

Smiley Watson

Smiley Watson picks up the ringing phone. “Al, I can’t talk now.” Smiley says, glancing at the three thugs standing over him.

Smiley listens.

“I did look into it. There’s nothing there.”

Smiley listens.

“Because I’m just a stringer. I’m not a detective like Alexander Pope with a fancy office on top of the Landry building. If there’s no story, there’s no story.” Smiley hangs up.

The center thug puts two hundred dollar bills on the desk and the three of them leave.

Smiley takes the bills thinking that spending a couple weeks in Springfield might be a good idea.

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Twin turbo Maserati on eBay

A Maserati for the motorhead masses

Maserati BiturboNot every Maserati is the stuff of legends. Once upon a time they built a car that was designed to compete with the lesser cars of the world. If you can call a BMW M3 a lesser car.

On the surface it sounds like a mighty machine. A twin-turbo V-6 with many valves per cylinder. Mighty when running that is. According to several reviews the running part was the problem.

On the other hand, we may be dealing with a matter of perception. The Biturbo was released just before Maserati pulled out of the American market. Many blame the poor quality of the car as the reason, but it all may be an economic coincidence.

All that aside the Biturbo is the stuff of dreams for us bottom feeders. It’s poor reputation keeps prices low and a variety of after-market parts, and decades of development, easily alter its short-comings.

So here we have an example sitting in a salvage yard in Illinois. The heart races. Apparently is was too nice to set to pasture. The current bid is $1647 with 4.5 days to go and reserve not met. Imagine a Maserati for under $2000? Neither can I. I’m sure the bid will rise but will stay well below the prices normally associated with the name Maserati.

Look at this on eBay

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Kissel on eBay
kissel roadster

Kissel was a good car killed by the depression

Once a mighty builder of trucks for the military and sports cars for Hollywood stars, the Kissel was too small and specialized to survive the big crash. To make matters worse it tried to save itself by building the unworkable lever engine. Basically an engine with two pistons running off a single crank with a lever connecting them. Yikes.

Most pictures of Kissels back in the day showed a golf bag mounted on the fender. That should tell you something about the target audience. They weren’t as fast or powerful as Dusenburgs and the like but they looked cool. They also left the driver more exposed to the elements. That looked cool but required a warn dry climate to fully enjoy.

One odd thing popped up in my research. I found a reference from the 30’s calling the Kissel roadster a “lesbian car.” The list of known female owners shows several very strong women. I have the feeling the author I read had a typical societal bias towards softer women, hence the sexist analysis.

If you look at the eBay listing be sure to look at all the pictures. Some show past conditions and some show a restored example. The stripped down and raggedy pictures are the current state of the car.

The seller states that the car is running with good sheet metal. The car was in the middle of a conversion to a roadster when the owner died. The project is being sold mid build.

With three days to go the bid is at $7700 with reserve not met.

Look at this on eBay

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