Auction Watch: 1958 Goggomobil TS 400 Racecar – Fort Lauderdale


The only thing I like better than silly little cars are silly little racecars. Though I love the idea of thrashing this cutie beauty around the track I can’t imagine against what you would race. A hopped-up Isetta?

The auction company estimates this to sell for $18,000 to $22,000. I find that to be a little high. I’m guessing about $15,000.

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Random Thoughts

My new depression ritual; Corner Gas marathon

Why does the best writing advice come from fictional characters?

If you understand the joke about ferric chloride you aren’t allowed to call the jokester a geek.

Does anyone know a clown who isn’t really creepy?

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Auction Watch – hopped up Hillman Imp an eBay


The only thing I like better than quirky little cars are heavily modified quirky little cars. What could be anti-cooler than one of the lowest cars on the automotive food chain with every bit of possible racyness squeezed out of it? Nothing I say, nothing.

While the current bid is well within my price range, the car still resides in its natural habitat of GB.

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Auction Watch: Speed Racer’s Car – eBay


This car is a divorce in the making. Somewhere there is a spouse who does not yet know she will be screaming, “You spent forty thousand dollars on what!?”

On the other side of that argument will be a befuddled greying and/or balding man stating, “…but it’s the Mach 5…”

Back in reality, the car is based on a Corvette so it may actually be a driveable car. Not that that really matters.

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Auction Watch: Desoto Hearse, chopped and channeled on eBay


I love hearses. I had a 67 Superior-bodied Caddy hearse back in my obnoxious youth. Loved that car.

On the other hand I am no fan of low-riding rat rods. Most are cars whose owners have gone out of their way to build useless death traps. Often at great expense.

Then the car pictured above comes along. The hearse in it grabbed my immediate attention, and after looking at the photos my rat rod fears were proved unjust. The engineering is wonderful. It looks perfectly road-worthy and perhaps, dare I say, safe.

Definitely worth a look for the automotive weirdafile.

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Random Thoughts – 2/1/15

There is nothing like a weekend in Gilroy to revive the soul.

Why would anyone with a medical condition that won’t kill you take a pill that might?

This year’s week-before-the-superbowl-movie was FORBIDDEN PLANET.

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Auction Watch: Custom sports car on eBay


Never beforevhsve I lusted so much for a car. Fortunately it’s beyond my price range and an ocean away.

This is the ultimate country road zip-downer. A car of wonderful build, but no reputation to live up to. I’ve noticed that the drivers of cars like the Lotus 7 always seem like their trying to prove something. Where an unrecognized car like this has nothing to prove and can be driven at whatever pace without losing face.

The opening bid is a rather stiff $9,800 and is in England. Take a look at the listing to read the car’s wonderful history.

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Auction Watch: Riley Elf – eBay


The motor elf. Many people, or maybe just me, consider this the Rolls Royce of mini cars. Under the skin it is a standard Mini, but the fancy grill and cute little trunk make it a car all its own.

Like a trip to the dog pound this poor thing is cute but kind of sad. Seeing it chained to a trailer reminds me of a puppy in a cage. And if your going to try to get the most you can for a car you need to close the hood all the way or leave it all the way open. When you see a hood open just a crack like that it makes you think that something is wrong.

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Random Thoughts – 1/20/15

Just as I was going to celebrate the Christmas ads being gone, the tax prep ads begin.

Just because you follow someone on Twitter does not mean they want you to mail them a banana bread.

They still make rubber stamps. I don’t know why this surprises me.

One of my dogs has been leading a secret life as a sound man in Australia.

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Auction Watch: Bombardier R12 – on eBay


On the road to Annexia. Fans of the film NAKED LUNCH will be familiar with this vehicle. Peter Weller as William Lee drives an orange one of these at the end of the film. This thing is basically the SUV of snowmobiles. Its large cabin has be adapted to a variety of tasks.

The opening bid is 10 thousand Canadian dollars and in the description the seller stated that he wants 25 thousand.

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