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Default Ride in the park

Tuesday Sep 18 – cycling – default ride

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This is my default ride. I have several options to lengthen the ride if my legs and the weather cooperate. I won’t be listing every ride on the site, but will post special rides in the future.

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Tom Week – Stress and Relief
stress of moving

The Move Stress

Surprisingly the stress level about moving is decreasing. We are making great progress. The shed and the back room are done. The dogs area is well under way. We should have the cottage done in a couple weeks. Pat is painting everything in site.

In addition, Pat found a company that will take all our furniture, sell it and split the profits with us. This removes a giant stress point for us.

Sick Dogs

On the other end of the stress scale, both dogs picked up kennel cough at the groomers. We gave them Benadryl. Rex handled it fine but TJ developed “muscle tremors.” These look like seizures. Very scary. He’s much better now.

The Website

Sorry for those few days that the website was unstable. After several years at the same host I had to move the site. The old host became totally flaky and their customer support, which used to be great, failed to live up to expectations. So the site has a new home and everything is back on track.


Photo by Bekathwia

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Tom Week – feeling better
feeling better


My wife upped my vitamin D. I’m feeling better.

Last week I rode for 4 out of five days. Also making me feel better.

Today I published my first 100 word story in a long time. Proof that I’m feeling better.

One of the joys of going back to the east coast is getting to go to Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunately they no longer make fresh donuts on site. They are trucked in and taste no where near as good.


In the absence of writing I did some programming. It’s like writing. It involves typing, problem solving and imagination. I wrote a WordPress plugin that I think will be useful for people other than myself. This is a first.

I’m in the process of creating all the support artifacts I need for submission to the official plugin repository. Should be done this week.


I did a 20 mile ride today. My course took me around the city and up many of the city’s steepest hills. I did just over 1000 feet of climbing. It felt like a whole lot more. Exhausted but satisfied.


Photo by Sabbian Paine

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The Demon Sandman – 100 words

Stay awake with me the sandman calls. I beg for sleep and he laughs. I try to clear my mind and he fills it with thoughts. Bad thoughts. Cruel thoughts. I can’t believe I thought that thoughts. I try filling my head with harmless thoughts but he twists them into foul parodies of joy.

I turn over to escape his grasp. Resistance is futile.He surrounds me and is within me. The horrors of my imagination are made real. Punching wall snakes. Screaming for release.

Then the sun cracks the sky. The demon retreats into the shadows. Sleep finally comes.

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Puppy and Jury

Lost Puppy

We got to babysit a lost puppy yesterday. The dogs were in heaven at first but the puppy’s infinite energy soon got annoying. Fortunately we found the owners before we took it to the shelter.

Jury Duty

On my way to jury duty, as I approached the courthouse, an ambulance pulled up. The EMTs got out and pulled the stretcher out of the back. Only there was a man already on it. They took that man into the courthouse.

I had a dream last night that the defendant in the case was the daughter of my odd neighbors from across the street. I was dismissed. Wishful thinking?

On Tuesday they picked the twelve jurors. Wednesday we had to go back to pick the two alternates. I got put on the hot seat but knew they weren’t going to pick me. I even told the woman sitting next to me that I would be the first rejected by the lawyers. I was right.


A family in crisis is like having a group of people put together a puzzle with everyone bringing their own pieces. No matter how good the intentions there will be insults and hurt feelings. I just hope at the end of this dark tunnel we can return to our previous state of tolerant indifference.

Random Thoughts

Yelling at a deaf dog is not productive. So why do I continue to do it?

Still waiting for Racoon Land to be a thing.

The problem with the bad guys in my stories is that they know they’re bad guys.

It’s a wise man who can win an argument with a fool, but a wiser man who doesn’t bother.

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