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Tom Week – Job hunt over?

Yes, the job hunt may be over

It feels good that the job hunt yields a good job, rather than just a job. Had a second interview and it went great. I want this job even more than before. I have a team gauntlet interview next week. Excited to meet the people I will hopefully be working with.

St. Patrick’s Day

Got in a good bike ride and the house smells of corned beef. Joy!


Apparently I’m not engaging enough with the concept of my hair. As I sat in the chair the woman asked me what I wanted. I said, “short.” I got short. It looks good.

However, the men in the other chairs when asked what they wanted provided detailed instructions. It was like they had detailed blueprints in their minds they were trying to translate to the cutter. One man described what he wanted on each of his head’s zones, specifying a unique length and texture for each. The other man finished his instructions with, “remove all the grey hairs.” The poor woman actually had to sift through his entire head to seek and destroy all evidence that this man wasn’t thirty anymore.

In the end, neither of their haircuts looked any better than mine. I hope they tipped well.

The week in pictures


My happy place

smart cars

I checked, different lic. plates



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Liquid Mind – 100 words

liquid mindRaoul was an adventurer of the liquid mind. The phrase was invented by his mother because she hated when people called him a drunken lout. She created an entire imaginary world around the idea that he was a mendicant poet and philosopher.

In this world he sat drinking his muse juice and after a series of long quiet meditations he would share his wisdom with the world. Usually something along the lines of, “Screw the mayor!”

Of course the proles, as she called his drinking buddies, missed the subtle sociopolitical message behind the words. Only she recognized his unique brilliance.

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Intimacy – 100 words
couch photo - intimacy

Photo by spader

“Craig, My blue shoes are green.”

“Ben, the moon is almost Mort Sahl.”

These statements are typical of the nonsense that roommates Ben and Craig say to each other instead of admitting their love for one another. Intimacy expressed as non sequitur.

“Only you can prevent Forrest Tucker,” means “I want to kiss you.”

“Non-dairy grilled cheese is toast,” means “I want you to go down on me.”

Every night they sit at opposite ends of the couch complaining about their lack female companionship. Neither pointing out the other’s lack of effort in that pursuit. Never meeting eyes. Forever alone.

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Tom Week – Back in the RV

Finally digging the RV out of storage

This weekend we are off in the RV to Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world. I’m sure that the Mello Yello will need a bunch of bits, pieces and work. Fortunately the park is a mile from a WalMart.

Update: Wonderful weather. Did almost nothing all weekend. Very relaxing.

Random Thoughts

The gum tester’s lament: “Nobody know the bubbles I’ve seen.”

When I grow up I want to have a cool brown car like Kojack.

Writing Update

I’ve been writing a 100 word story every week this year. This week’s is a bit late because of a wording problem. I’m going to be adding another 100 words, but these will be chapters instead of individual stories. Should be fun. I’ll probably start posting these in April.

Work Update

Had a good interview on Monday. Have a 2nd interview on Tuesday.


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Tom Week – Family

Get to see my family in June

Going to my nephew’s wedding reception in June. Not the wedding, that’s happening in a tropical paradise on another date. Get to bunk with dad. We’re planning a snoring contest. All my siblings will be there. Cool.

Another trip

I’m going to WordCamp San Diego the last weekend in March. They were sold out but some tickets became available and I got one. Going to learn stuff and network for a job. Time to print the resumes.

Learning Spanish

Dude, who came up with this language? I’m getting pretty good at reading Spanish. However, I’m struggling with the whole verbs have genders concept. Then there are the accent marks on certain letters pointing in certain directions. Sheesh!


How come when your meditating you never have an epiphany that all your problems are someone else’s fault and your best course of action is to sit in the dark, listen to VNV Nation and feel sorry for yourself?

Instead you come to realize that you have to make peace with the obstacles in your path, which sounds like a lot of work to me.

Random Thoughts

The worst part of really nerdy bumper stickers is that I understand them.

I’m starting to think that this Lovecraft fellow didn’t like Native Americans.

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